There’s some new graffiti in the left stall of the women’s restroom on the main floor at Highland Hospital. It reads, “Thy will be done.” I stare at it when I’m taking a whiz. It’s not the usual graffiti in the bathroom, and I wonder what they are talking about. Highland? The ER? Death? Christmas? A bowel movement?

Saturday, as I was walking down the hill by the hospital, a police car rolled into the emergency room parking lot, joining the other three already parked there. The female cop barely got her car turned off before she was running for the automatic doors. Four cop cars is a good indication some shooting spree was resolving itself inside the ER.


6 Responses to “Highlanding”

  1. I bet someone was questioning their bill. The hospital always gets their money.

  2. I suppose if you have to get shot the hospital is a good place for it to happen, at least you’re close to the emergency room.

    I’ve never heard of a great writer getting his start scribbling on bathroom walls, I guess if you write while taking a dump your efforts are doomed to be crappy.

    • LOL! Hilarious.

      I just wish they had put something else on the stall rather than “Thy Will be Done.” Makes me want to take a Sharpie and scribble under it, “Not.”

  3. Did I ever tell you about the shooter at LA County Hospital when I was a resident? Some guy disgruntled over not getting enough pain meds. Anyway, I was on call, and my team and I were in the building next door (the clinic building). When we heard about the shooter we were elated. Cool! We would certainly get to go home, right? I mean, they couldn’t possibly expect us to go back into that building, not with a shooter and a hostage situation, etc.

    But I was wrong. We were escorted back into the building with the shooter. The idea was, they wanted us to be available in case someone in the ER, I don’t know, got a bullet fragment in his ear perhaps.

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