Pub Away

I’m all proud of myself. I got something published in the East Bay Monthly under my pseudonym Wichita Sims. Of course, it’s about my freakin’ brain tumor. Might as well pimp out that catastrophe for something.


8 Responses to “Pub Away”

  1. Great story and very entertaining. Keep this up and you’ll get a cult following.

  2. I’m all proud of you too, consider me one of your cult. :o)

  3. Oh shoot. You’re very sweet. Az. Thanks. You and Steve have always been my best audience.

  4. As always, I enjoyed your words very much. Love ya!

  5. Gripping stuff (and I know the story, y’know?) Well done, Wichita. And let’s hope the coming decade is better than the last one. Happy New Year.

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