Ode to Forgetfulness


7 Responses to “Ode to Forgetfulness”

  1. He’s singing my anthem, I’ve been so forgetful lately that carrying a post-it-note pad and pencil is almost a necessity, and I don’t mean a notation about next Wednesday, I mean write down what I need from the freezer because by the time I cover the 5.5 feet from my store to the freezer I can’t remember what the hell I went there to get. I leave my groceries on the counter at the grocery store; I check to see where my car keys are before I slam the truck door for fear I lock myself out; I go to the grocery for two items and come home with six, but the two items I needed are not part of the six purchases. It’s gettin’ scary!

    • Oh, I hear ya, AZ. I like the one where I’m hunting all over the house for my phone, so I pick up the house phone and call the cell phone. Now, AT & T is charging me 25ยข to do that.

  2. That’s stove not “store.”

  3. Well I hate to say it but this song was just a little to close for comfort! I’m into sticky notes too!

    • I’ve got 7 sticky notes on my desk right now and I just threw away 3. Sadly, of those two of them made no sense. Yep. Writing post it notes and then not remembering what that is about.

  4. I went to a local bank and used their ATM, then I went to the store to buy something. No money in the wallet. I went back to the bank, where I fogot to take the money from the machine when I was finished with the transaction. They were able to sort it out in a couple of days. The ATM takes the money back if it isn’t taken in 40 seconds and the camera will show if someone else took it. It was one of those days.

    • I’m sorry. I couldn’t help buy laugh at that one – not that you left your money but the ATM took it back. It’s like here it is…for a while…then I’m putting it back.

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