Highway Patrol

While standing in the back yard tonight with the little dog, I heard a California highway patrolman yell over his intercom, “Pull off the highway NOW!” He sounded frustrated. I saw three patrolmen in the grocery a couple of days ago. They said they had pulled over 18 drunks on New Year’s Eve. They said one of the towing companies reported towing 30 cars in one night. The patrolmen were all very young and looked like kids to me. Maybe not. Maybe they just looked that way. I always think officers look young and doctors look old. Maybe it’s because law enforcement is always clean shaven. Hard to say.


4 Responses to “Highway Patrol”

  1. I have never been good a guessing ages. As I get older, it gets harder. They are either younger than I am or older. However, it seems as if every year there are fewer that are older (laugh).

    • I noticed that myself. I refer to everyone as “kids” now. They might be 40 years old and I call them “a kid.”

  2. I’m excellent at guessing ages, I scare people because I say things like “it’s difficult to buy life insurance from a 27 year old.” They say “how did you know I turned 27 last week!” I just know. It’s a gift.

    • I laughed. It is is an amazing talent, AZ. You should have one of those booths at the carnival where you guess ages. You would make a fortune.

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