Christmas happens every year. Followed shortly thereafter by dead Christmas trees. Then, Waste management makes arrangements to pick the sad trees up. People push them to the curbs, and the punks set fire to them. After they’re burned, Waste Management won’t touch ‘em, so I have to go up the food chain and contact Oakland Litter control. Here’s to another year full of merriment, burned trees, fiddling with waste management, and settling for litter control.

And then there’s this. The goof putting on her new year’s face.

I thought the little dog was going straight down hill yesterday, as in senile dementia. She kept going in and out of the dog door, in and out, in and out, all night long. I’d watch her out the window and she’d stalk the yard head down, do no business, and come inside. Finally, at 3am, I opened the back door and went out with her. The poor thing was trying to tell me the yard was flooded. Water was running out the French drain down the side of driveway. It was pooled next to the house. I waited until around 9am before I called my next door neighbor. She had left her back yard hose running for 5 days. And then she said, “But it wasn’t like a full spray.” I squeaked at her, “Look out your window. My driveway is a creek.” And it’s cold here. Really cold. It’s not like she needs to be icing down her plants.


6 Responses to “Afterburn”

  1. That’s a nice smile on the pup. I guess the neighbor doesn’t worry about water bills.

    Hey Bro, says one punk to another. Let’s go out and burn some Christmas trees. They’ll end up dead or in jail before they are old enough to vote.

    • I like this line… “Let’s go out and burn some Christmas trees.” I think they use that for everything. “Let’s go out and break in some cars.” “Let’s go out and rob someone at gun point.”

  2. I haven’t had a live tree in years, I got tired of all the pine needles in my carpet so went the way of the artificial Christmas tree. I don’t get to toss it to the curb after Christmas, nooooooo I gotta store the sucker for 46 weeks, give or take a week.

    Big Dog is lucky, she has natural smoky-eye makeup!

    Once my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world, had a pool pump malfunction and she emptied her entire pool into the street. Cost her a pretty penny to refill her pool.

    • Too funny. I always thought that about the Big Dog too.

      Pools! I got mine chem locked one summer, so I had to drain it, acid wash it, and refill it. I was dreading the water bill but apparently you get a break if you’ve had a pool calamity. I think you get one every 10 years or so. They charged me something like $150 to refill my pool. Thankfully. Never screwed up the chemicals after that again. Ever. Not even the summer the dust storms were rampant.

  3. A beautiful face on that pup! Wish I could give her a hug and kiss.

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