More Muni Mess

Full article here… SF Appeal is the best for Muni minding, or is that mining?


4 Responses to “More Muni Mess”

  1. Maybe I had one too many, but I’m a little confused. The bus did a California stop and continued. The pickup didn’t even do that when it ran into the bus. Am I right so far. I didn’t read much about the injuries, but I assume there were some. Kind of makes one not want to ride the Muni at night.

    Isn’t this an every other day occurance in the Bay Area?

  2. Yes, it is an every other day occurrence. I don’t know why I’m laughing. I think it’s your wording. Yeah. That’s it.

  3. Looks to me like the insurance companies are going to split the cost of this accident, the bus driver was at fault for not coming to a complete stop and the pickup driver is a total asshat, probably drunk or on drugs, because he never even saw the bus, or if he did he didn‘t react to it. I realize that a bus is a tiny diminutive vehicle that can be easily overlooked with it‘s interior lights ablaze, and all the shiny metal exterior with all those amber clearance lights, yeah, it‘s really easy to miss one in the dark.

  4. LOL! Yah, the truck driver was a drunk asshat.

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