My neighbor’s rosebush is confused, blooming in the cold of mid-January. The lady who ground keeps for the church on the corner said, “Cut the bush back – severely. It’s putting all its effort into winter blooms and will have nothing for spring. The leaves will turn dark and disease-y.”

She’s right. I’ve seen this type of behavior before from the bush in past winters. We do maintain my neighbor’s side yard for her where the bush is located. It’s an arrangement we started when the owner lived there, and continued after the current renter moved in. If Hubby and I get time, we’ll cut the bush back, but it’s way down on the “to do” list. Our yard comes first, and frankly, I like looking at the blooms in the dead of winter.

More rain today, and it’s so light the drops don’t perform their melodic plink plunk concert in the gutters. They form on the windows in a silvery pattern, one step up from fog. I’m tired of the rain. People, who chide me for my disdain, can drive. They don’t have to walk everywhere slogging through wet sidewalks and water logged buses.

4 Responses to “Bloomin’”

  1. Wow, I think the rose looks nice. If it doesn’t do much in summer, that’s okay, it gave you something in winter. You can give us some of your rain, it might wash away the snow. Actually we haven’t had any snow in a couple of days, but it is cold. A cold January this year with more snow than last. This is Germany so anything is possible, except for a heat wave.

  2. The roses do look nice. We will keep them for a while.

    I was wondering if it was my imagination or you were getting more snow. Brrrr. I’ll send you some rain instead.

  3. Roses are a delight to the eye and a pain in the ass to maintain.

    • We have no luck over here. By mid summer the bush looks really diseasey. And the neighbor keeps saying it’s something we do to it which happens to be nothing. I don’t know why it is such a flop every year. Maybe the church lady is right.

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