Chirping Lemon Tree

My house is not really pink, and the retaining wall is not really purple. Bad video, but listen to the sparrows. They are hidden in the lemon tree. When I walked closer, they stopped. It was stone silent, except for the wind blowing.


6 Responses to “Chirping Lemon Tree”

  1. I like that. The chirping lemon tree. Nice to be able to see the tree where the lemon thief was helping himself.

  2. The drunk lemon thief. And the hubby and I saw him and his girlfriend the other day walking by our house, sober this time.

  3. I’m not as lucky, I have grackles in my backyard, they make a ton of noise none of which even come close to “chirping.” Not only to they scream instead of chirp, they also bring dog kibble from near and far to deposit in my birdbath.

    • That is so funny they’re bombing you with dog kibble. I remember the grackles now that you mention them. Loud and annoying.

  4. What beautiful song! And I love the pink house.

    • I tried to check my little phone, but it seems it is set on the highest video resolution it can take. I guess my house is simply pink to it.

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