The Big Message

Wonder how much this is costing us taxpayers?


6 Responses to “The Big Message”

  1. My sister always said that no matter how sick I was I should always go to work, even if I had puke on the bosses’ shoes, and make them send me home. I guess that kind of thinking is passé.

  2. This sign probably wouldn’t be up if it wasn’t for the swine flu.

    • True. But I think they’d waste the money on some other ignant message. It’s over at 40th and Broadway. Why not post something like “Crack Kills. And yo Mama too.” It’s more apropos.

      • True, but the intended audience would just laugh at it.

      • I like the billboards they run sometimes where they say they are going to have a gun collection. Next time they do that, I’ll snap a picture.

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