Field of Dreams

AZ writes…”I took [this photo] a couple months ago, the field of roses is (was) growing near my house. These roses are intended for the bare-root rose market, the growers uproot the bushes in November and December to ready them for market in January. This field is filled regular tea roses, there are other fields that are planted with climbing roses. The fields are empty now except for little eight inch pieces of rose stems poking out of the ground, it won’t be long before they start leafing out and growing like crazy. Your post on your neighbor’s rose bush sparked my memory about the forgotten rose fields photo.


5 Responses to “Field of Dreams”

  1. Years ago, I saw large field of tulips in Holland. It was very impressive, but no camera to document it. Supper photo AZ.

  2. The photo doesn’t do the roses justice, it’s amazing when you see acres and acres of rose bushes just growing like weeds.

  3. On my first visit to Az. to visit my sister..We drove to Luke AFB and right next to it was fields of roses as far as the eye could see and the most beautiful site you can imagine..I will never forget it..

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