Say what?

I have spent the last 3 days looking for a pair of replacement jeans because mine are threadbare, and frayed at the bottoms. I look like a bum. Yesterday, I hit up Ross. Obviously, I don’t shop much, because I thought this sign was hilarious.
I took 9 pairs of jeans to the dressing room, and in my mind that’s excessive, but in Ross World, it’s a baby load. Professional shoppers there, with “active bottoms,” hire their teenaged daughters to help them mine, and their teenaged sons to help them push their carts.


6 Responses to “Say what?”

  1. Active bottoms, that’s a gas. Not literally. Funny stuff. I would guess it means folks that get up and sit down a lot. 9 Pair, that sounds about right to find the right fit. Did you find a pair?

  2. A GAS!!! Hoot…I laughed so hard.

    I did find a pair and for $12.99. I’m all happy.

  3. I’ve see racks of active ware, and sports ware, and casual ware, but this is a first for “active bottoms.” Did you got to the bra department and check to see if they had “jiggle,” “bounce,” and “Jeebus! stand back.”

  4. Dawg,

    What WERE you looking for? You should always take me shopping w/you, don’t you know.

    A Hard Rain has been falling and I miss you and the pool, despite your active bottom.

    Joe and Simon have stories to tell you…. xxx, gc

    • Just looking for some cheap jeans and found “active bottoms.” Lewd.

      I actually darted out and walk the dogs in between the downpours.

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