Late Night Doggery


13 Responses to “Late Night Doggery”

  1. What sweet girls, if I had reached for my late Mija’s toy she would have snarled at me, and if I disturbed her sleep like little dog she would have given me the stink eye.

    • I’m not sure Little Dog ever gets cognoscente. Looks like her eyes are pretty much rolled up in her head. The little dear sleeps with her eyes open now. Kind of weird.

  2. That was Big Guy’s hand wasn’t it, does Big Dog and Little Dog react the same with you?

    • That was the Big Guy’s hand. The Big Dog is more violent with him. They have this whole wrestling thing that goes on at night, I could never do. The Little Dog uses me more. The Big Guy doesn’t let her get away with what I do.

  3. Their reaction was calm. No fear and not mad.

  4. Awww they are incredibly sweet and cute but that bend in big dogs nose was looking temporarily sure that you were not getting that toy. Was it a sheep? 😮

  5. what you can’t “feel” on the video is just how hard the Big Dog has that sheep toy pinned between her paws and nose. She does a furious nibble that few toys can withstand, trying to dig out the insides. She is much better now, only working on her own toys. I will provide an early pic of her youthful destruction which drove me nuts, couches and mattresses etc. She always has a great look of consternation when I take a toy but I always hand it right back, about a thousand times now. Still, the same look “mine, mine, mine”. The Little Dog often groans and makes a “purring sound” when stroked, but not on this video.

    • Hi BG! I think the chewing thing is a sign of her breed, I had to German Shepherds growing up and if you left them outside at night by the time morning came you wheelbarrow didn’t have handles, the garden hose was laying in the yard in 12 pieces, and all the shovel handles were chewed in half.

  6. This is the sweetest video! Love your pups. They are precious…sending hugs and kisses to your pups!

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