12 Responses to “Snuggling”

  1. Love the snuggling. Whose are the kitties?

    • The kitties live with my friend. (see below) I am their adopted Auntie. they are so funny together too. They were from different families but act like they are brothers.

  2. Nice to see buds together.

    • I love the snuggling pictures. Mine will on rare occasion touch back to back, but that is the extent of their snuggling.

  3. I am the proud mom of Simon (mr black panther) and Joe (mr orange tabby). They are amazing guys we’ve adopted, kind of brothers from another mother. Even driver will confirm that they are the sweetest, funniest guys on Planet Earth (she is their proud Auntie.)

    It IS nice to see buds together. Big Dog and Dinky are such angel pies.

    • Hey GCwriter! Glad you stopped by and claimed your kitties. Those doggies aren’t mine though. They are another pair of cuties.

  4. Dinky has a thing for Big Dog’s neither regions! As for snuggly cats, I had three from the same mother and they never snuggled after were adults. I see everybody else’s cats snuggled up to each other, but mine were bound and determined to keep a good distance from each other while they slept. The cats slept with me so in order to maintain some distance Missy slept on my pillow, Bubba slept behind my knees, and Sissy slept at the foot of the bed. I used to wake up with a stiff neck, knees frozen in the bent position, and somewhat frozen in a fetal position so that Sissy had enough room to stretch out at the foot of the bed. Gosh I miss them!

    • I had to laugh, AZ. Your critters are like mine. Far be it for them to touch each other. Now the Little Dog will snuggle up next to Keith, but only snuggle with me if Keith is unavailable.

  5. Brain Fart! That’s not Dinky in the picture, but I’ve forgotten the puppy’s name Dani comes to mind, but frack my mind is like Swiss cheese, I can’t remember nuttin!

    • WOW! I’m impressed. You are an eagle eye and have a memory like a steel trap. Yes, it is Dani snuggling backward with Casey in the first photo and perpendicular with Dylan in the second. Dani is my friend’s little dog and a the biggest snuggler.

  6. Precious pictures….all of them! They brought a smile to my face 🙂

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