I don’t watch “Lost,” but the heavily promoted T.V. show is seducing me into tuning in AND the music is so dramatic. I have no clue what is going on, but apparently even if you’ve been a devoted fan, you are in the same boat as me. No clue.

This makes about as much sense as anything else on that show.

Any time the doctor and his crew start digging in the well shaft, I quit watching too – too much mud and too much plodding around in the mud. Even I know the girl at the bottom of the well is dead, and you better get back to the temple, Dead Jacob, and the guy rolled out from the casket who is now undead somehow.


6 Responses to “Lost”

  1. I’m a lost fan. Unfortunately I have to wait for the DVD of the 6th season. Germany has just started the 5th season and won’t get this one until next year. Lots of confusion, but having bought each season up to 5, I can go back and still be confused. In the states you can watch the shows on the computer after they aired, but they won’t let us folks overseas watch it. Drat!

    • I didn’t know you couldn’t get the Lost shows on the computer after they aired. That is really strange. Wonder why they stop them from going abroad. I have to tell you I haven’t watched Lost until now, but it is pretty tense. I think I have a little something figured out, and then nope. I think you’re really going to like this last season. I may start from the first and started getting the show from Netflix.

      • It has to do with Germany showing the 5th season and copyright. However, I can read the story line on the episodes, which I did for the first one.

      • Is there a good site to read about the episode because I’m so confused. I always thought Jacob was evil, but now I’m not so sure. Seems like the black smoke is.

  2. This is the site I use. You can go back and check any of the shows.


    • Cool! Thanks. It looks great. We decided to order it from Netflix so we can watch it on the big screen in the den. We are always looking for good series. I hope it gets less confusing. I guess it will all get straightened out in the end, since this is the last season.

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