Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s rained so much here the road is growing grass. Grass.

I’m not quite sure what to do about it. I guess next time the Big Guy cuts the yard, I’ll ask if he wants to cut the street too. Two weekends ago, we went to see the Big Guy’s old auntie and do some chores around her house. Her roof was growing grass. Grass. She has a shake roof, but still. I could use a few dry days, and I think I’ll put in that request now.

Here’s the volcano I made today.
Go ahead. Call me a braggart. Looks pretty realistic, huh? My friend is taking it to the grammar school kids she teaches and showing them how it’ll blow some jello/Kool-aid/vinegar/baking soda magma down its tiny fake mountainside.


6 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. We could use some of that rain to wash the snow away. Neat volcano you made. Perhaps red jello would work well.

  2. That’s what I got – cherry jello. We had a couple of test runs and it was some good magma. The grocery also gave me a box of tangerine because it was expired, and they were going to toss it. I promised not to eat it, and she threw it in my bag.

  3. There’s not much road left in your road, looks like you’re way past the chip seal quick fix. What’s the volcano made of, I’ve enbiggened the picture and stared at it, but can’t figure out what it’s made of.

    • It’s made of some weird stuff called “Great Stuff.” It’s some filler/expander for caulking in vents. Then I spray painted it with craft paint. Unfortunately, the only craft paint they had was glossy. So, it’s a shiny volcano. It’s really light too, deceptively so.

      • I’ve used “Great Stuff” before, who da thunk to use it as an art medium!

      • It’s some cool stuff. I’m going to use it again soon as soon as I get it out of my fleece jacket and off my jeans.

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