More Super Bowl Ads


8 Responses to “More Super Bowl Ads”

  1. The E-Trade kids are always funny.

    • They are. I’d love to see how they make them.

      Netflix sent our first season of lost today. We’ll be watching it this weekend. We may have a Lost weekend.

      • I hope you enjoy it. When I go back to season one and then to the next ones, I find it interesting. Some folks hate it, but not me.

      • I’m hooked on the intrigue. I hope it doesn’t end lamely though like Battlestar Gallatica. I watched all of that and then it dribbled to a stop. They have to do some fancy talking to get me in a theater to see a sequel.

  2. Am I the only person on the face of the earth that doesn’t watch Lost? Apparently so. I was watching Super Bowl ads on Hulu, they didn’t show any of the E-Trade kids, I guess I’m off to You Tube.

    • You will be the only person that doesn’t watch Lost after we start watching it. But I bet I’m the only person on the face of the earth who has never seen an episode of 24. I keep trying to watch it but it’s too farcical.

      ETrade has a whole channel on You Tube. I have laughed and laughed over the one on the blog.

  3. I have never watched an episode of 24! We are a faction of two!

    • I did find a picture of Keifer Southerland in the internet, drunk lying on a bar floor. Wonder if that counts as watching 24?

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