I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, nor did I go to any Super Bowl parties. I went to Walmart instead. Why? Because I figured no one would be there. Everyone would be glued to their T.V. sets. I could finally get a shopping cart. I could buy a hair dryer. Buy computer speakers. Buy toilet paper. Buy. Buy. Buy. Shop. Shop. Shop. I could roam the aisles on a puff of smoke, the only one there. Okay, that was FantasyMart. Reality – Walmart was packed. There was one shopping cart left, and I had to run past a gaggle of texting teenaged girls at the door to get it. Then, I felt sorry for a woman, lugging a full sized T.V. set by hand in electronics, and I gave my cart to her. Walmart sucks, and sucks so bad it can defeat the Super Bowl with its eyes closed.

This was apparently Walmart’s ad during the Super Bowl.And now they have a sense of humor. Ack. I want you Walmart, even more than ever now.


8 Responses to “Walmart”

  1. I don’t know much about Walmart… I know that I keep getting e-mails which has ‘people you find in Walmart’ in it. Some make me gasp. Oh and I know that Novalee had her baby in a Walmart. Hang on… I’m mixing fiction with reality… that was in the book Where the heart is. I wonder what shop it is like that we have here. I suppose it might be compared to a version of Asda Living. A cheap(ish) shop with everything from washers to candle stick holders in it!
    My dad watched the Superbowl… I asked him who was on it and he replied “The Who”…. did they win? ;o)

    • Do NOT…I repeat…Do NOT look at the people of Walmart. You’ll go blind. I don’t look at anyone when I’m in there for the few micro seconds I can stand it.

  2. I know there are kids and some adults that are afraid of clowns. I’m not one of them, but seeing this, I can understand how it happens (grin).

  3. I’m afraid of anything that jumps out at me and makes loud noises, I was at Sears one day and when I went around a corner I ran into a 7 foot tall Winnie the Pooh. I turned and ran for my life. Winnie chased after me waving his arms. I couldn’t believe I got that scared, but I just wasn’t expecting a 7 foot Pooh bear to be in ladies underwear (the ladies ware department, Pooh wasn’t wearing ladies undies).

    • OMG! I laughed but I can imagine the fear a 7 foot tall Winnie the Pooh could project. What was he doing in the ladies department? That in and of itself would make you never want to buy underwear again.

  4. I think he was coming off his break and heading back to the childrens’ department, I believe Sears carries a “Winnie the Pooh” clothing line.

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