Even in Arizona

AZ writes,
According to the Mourning Dove-o-mometer our weather is cold.


9 Responses to “Even in Arizona”

  1. Poor little thing sat on the fence all morning puffed up like a puffer fish trying to stay warm, on the other hand the House Finch-o-mometers were taking baths in the bird bath seemingly unaffected by the cold.

  2. It looks like spring there. We got another couple of inches of the white stuff last night. Good exercise for the snow shovel and me, but if this keeps up, I’ll need more salt.

  3. Very cute… and it works! It looks like the temps are pretty low!
    Steve – No (more) snow here yet… ;o)

  4. 2-12-10: 44 degrees F this morning, but the weather dude promises temps in the mid to low 70s by this weekend.

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