Volcano Eruption

My “Great Stuff” volcano erupted in the grammar school yesterday. Beautiful. My friend, the teacher’s aid, said the kids were all excited as she shot off the vinegar/baking soda/Kool Aid/jello magma next to the sink. She gave all the kids paper towels, which added to the kid’s excitement, and the feeling something out of control this way comes. My friend said it was a particularly pleasant eruption because the two bad boys in the class barfed right before the event, and were taken away to the nurse’s station. She also said as she walked into the classroom with the volcano she saw some students from her last year’s class, and told them this year she had a volcano. Last year’s students whined, “Hey! You didn’t do that for us.” Nothing like taunting kids. With fake volcanos. And potential mayhem.


6 Responses to “Volcano Eruption”

  1. It would have been interesting if your friend could have filmed it and the kids. Glad it went off well.

  2. They have sinks in classrooms now? Wow, I was raised in the dark ages when the entire school only had two water fountains one outside and one in the hallway, and one of them was always broken.

    The magma picture makes me want to do the same with a skull on Halloween.

  3. Looks like a blast! I want a recipe.

    • It’s vinegar, baking soda, red jello, corn meal, and red Kool aid. That’s make the thing blow. Add the baking soda last.

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