From my brother…
I am going to send you a magazine it is called Busted. It is a happy little rag that they publish here and it shows all the people who have been arrested this week you will like it.


6 Responses to “Email”

  1. You’ll like it. Does that mean someone you would like to see get busted has their picture in it?

    • I don’t think I know anyone from his neck of the woods. He did describe some woman with a towel on her head that got arrested. I think it’s more redneck-ery that he thinks I will enjoy. I send him odd hippy stuff. I think it’s Southern vs. California. Like some sort of poker game we have going.

      “I’ll raise you this odd Southern thing.”

      “I’ll see you this hippy dippy crap I found.”

  2. There’s “Who’s Who in America” for the rich, and “Busted” for the rest of us. 🙂

    • LOL! True. I’m kind of excited to see what this thing is. My brother said some attorney is already trying to shut the rag down.

  3. Did my email get through? Just thought I’d post the question here, just in case.

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