More ER

More emergency room, for a 7 day migraine this time. I’m sick of that ER at Alta Bates. I’m thinking about calling in a complaint on the lady in triage, and I would do so except I can’t remember most of what went on. I kind of remember her laughing about the EMT’s wheeling me in there. And I definitely remember her saying, “I don’t want to yell at you because I know you have a headache.” Please restrain yourself, then.

Anyway, today I put in a call to my headache doc. It goes like this: The receptionist acts all concerned and says the doc will call back immediately. That was an hour ago. All I can say is at least I don’t have a headache ramroding these phone calls. Of course, I’ve quit all their meds that are supposed to “cure” my migraines, because the ones from the headache doc and the epilepsy doc made them worse, and the steroids from the emergency room tore up my stomach. I’m just solo today, waiting on a damn call back that probably won’t materialize. Tomorrow, I will sic the Big Guy on them. And then, they’ll do something because the Big Guy doesn’t like inactivity.


12 Responses to “More ER”

  1. Really sorry to hear about the head pain. Sic the big guy on them if they don’t respond. I figure they are busy, but it’s their line of work and they meed tp get their receptionists up to speed about honesty. Nothing worse then they’ll get back with you immediately, when they mean, when they find the time. Damn, I hate that.

  2. The headache doc called back – 3 hours after the fact. I agree. The receptionists should not use the term “immediately.” They are stressing me out because I know these headaches are lurking around the corner. Now, the doc is going to work on another referral. One of my blogging buddies, who is an ENT doc, emailed me last night and said he thought I had occipital neuralgia. My headache doc agreed but there are only a couple of places here that do a nerve block and only one in my HMO. That is where is she going to try to refer me. THANK GOD for blogging buddies.

    • Good news, or at least I think so. Glad he finally called. Let’s hope things start looking up soon. Well, we had telephones before blogs. Remember they had a little rotary dial on them (grin). An the prefix was something like Thornwall or Eastbrook. A name for the first two numbers. God, that was a long time ago. And the party lines, where folks use to listen in on other conversations. Damn, I’m getting old.

      • Our phone number on the farm started with Cypress (CY). And I LOVED to go to my great aunt’s house, even farther out in the country, because she was on a party line. I was always trying to listen in. My ex’s mother helped run the phone service for Cumberland City, TN way back when. The neighbors used to send a kid to their house to ask them to go out back to the switchboard so they could hook up the actual lines so people could talk to one another. My ex’s mother was a kid then. Essentially it was kids working on the bulk of the telephone communication process. And everyone else worked for the railroad. That was the job to have.

  3. I’ve never had positive interactions with medical personnel, I’m really hoping when it’s my time to go I do it at home alone and hopefully in my sleep. Don’t need some incompetent doctor or nurse standing over me giving me shit on my way out.

    We didn’t get a phone until the mid-60s, dad was positive that the telephone would be the downfall of his happy home, no telling how many hours his “women” would waste talking on the phone when we could be doing constructive stuff. He was totally against having books in the house because you can’t read and do something constructive. He allowed a television because you could sew, embroider, crochet, cook, clean house, or clean a gun and watch TV at the same time. I’m amazed I survived my childhood!

    • I’m amazed you survived your childhood too. You should have shot him while you were cleaning the gun.

      I don’t know what to think of medical personnel any more. My opinion of them would improve if one of them could manage to turn off my headache.

  4. Just catching up with you again….hope you are feeling all better!

  5. Rubs head…
    How are you feeling now?
    I hope its better… oh and that lady who offered not to shout… twit!

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