Word Up in San Francisco

The economy took down stores like VIrgin Records and Soho Labs on Market Street. Comp USA also slammed its doors. Nothing is cropping up inside these stores. People seem to be using them for advertising, but as I look at the signs, I wonder about this method of advertising. The Virgin record store now has furniture in the window but it’s not actually in the store. It’s some place else – a place I can’t find.

This is in China Town, of course, where the advertising is always dragons, no matter what you sell.

This was the garbage can in the front of Macy’s. More advertisement, I suppose. I didn’t see the sponsor, probably a bored teenager, standing around his/her handywork either. And yes, that’s bubble gum spelling out the word.


4 Responses to “Word Up in San Francisco”

  1. I guess I’m confused. Are they talking about the smart car or something else. Bubble gum sex!!!! That’s unique.

  2. I was confused as well. I think they were advertising Diesel, but I’m not sure. That’s the only other sign in close proximity, but then it was on a vacant building.

  3. Podengo Mum Says:

    Hey Driver!

    Who is the hot guy next to the first ad? Did you know him? Can I know him? I’d like to write some gum on his trash can!

    • Ha ha…no I don’t know him. I didn’t see him until after I loaded the picture down. He fits right in though. I think he’s “Smart.”

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