Dear Dog

At some point in the past, this mattress was on a frame, and that dog was not allowed on it. But now, the frame is in the garage, the mattress is on the floor, and this has become a dog’s place after years of being told, “No. Get down.” The dog doesn’t feel quite right about it, but I convince her it’s okay and tell her not to worry. She does look worried when I walk in the den and find her on the mattress. She’s a very concerned dog, whereas the Little Dog could care less, and will disobey and squirm with my last nerve until her dying day. It’s not that the Little Dog is inconsiderate, but she’s a Little Dog, and Napoleon has nothing on her.


6 Responses to “Dear Dog”

  1. Very nice. A couple of more paragraphs and you will have a great short story.

  2. They are a whole story. They never cease to amaze me.

    I think I may have dropped too many art filters on this photo. You know. “Things look good in the middle of the night and then scare you in broad daylight type” of deal.

  3. Aren’t pups just the most amazing creatures? I can just feel the love you have for yours. I love the photograph.

  4. hmmmm the photo does look like a painting!
    Very cute painting!

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