Chinatown Cat

This guy was working away in one of the little stores in Chinatown today. He was clawing and digging in a stack of silk boxes. When I patted him, he stopped momentarily, then went right back to whatever it was he was doing.

Finally, I said, “Look, you’re making a mess here.” And he was. He was knocking silk boxes off the shelf, sticking both his paws deep into the pile. He stopped, looked at me, walked off to the dishes, sat down, and pretended to ignore me.

I asked the sales lady if the cat ever broke anything. “Oh yes,” she said. “Then, he run to back. I try to stop him before he break plate. I tell him, ‘I hit you’ and he run to back. But I never hit him. He just like to run to back. I think.”


8 Responses to “Chinatown Cat”

  1. haha what a really cute looking cat… oh and look at him ignoring you! He’s doing a superb job! *I can’t see her…she can’t be talking to me!*
    Love the first pic too…I’m not too keen on cats but he looks stocky and good for a cuddle… once he had stopped running back!

  2. I wish I could have cute shop kitty at my store…..

  3. He or She better stay close to home. Hate to see the cat in a wok. Just kidding.

  4. There are some Japanese cooking videos on You Tube that are entitled “Cooking With Dog.” I bet they got thousands of hits from people who think all Asians eat cats and dogs. On the “Cooking With Dog” videos, there is a poodle sitting on a bench, her name is Frances, she introduces herself as the hostess, and sits on a stool and watches while the lady cooks authentic Japanese dishes. My cats weren’t destructive at all, they were in the house all the time I was at work and they never knocked stuff over, but they did like stealing stuff off tables and hiding them in significant other’s cowboy boots.

    Sorry for my long comment absence, for some reason I couldn’t write, I think it’s a menopause thing 🙂

  5. ha ha…I love hat cooking with dog, and I love the dog name Frances. Too funny.

    I’m so sorry for the mean-o-pause. I have missed you, but honestly I thought you were on a mission helping someone out of a hell hole, like you do. Take care, dear AZ.

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