The Hummingbird Feeder

From AZ and she writes,
So what part of hummingbird feeder don’t you understand?


4 Responses to “The Hummingbird Feeder”

  1. The bottom bird looks like a woodpecker. I guess the other birds keep the humming birds away.

    • I kind of laughed at the woodpecker. I’ve never seen one on a hummingbird feeder. I thought his feet and bill were all wrong for that, but he seems to be working it.

  2. The top bird is a Baloncillo (Spanish) or Verdin (English) they are nest building fanatics, I read an article where a pair of Baloncillos built 11 nests in their chosen territory, the male is always responsible for the facade and the female does all the interior decorating. You’re right Steve the bottom bird is a Gila Woodpecker, they seem to appear after every rain. I’ve seen the hummingbirds dive bomb these two trying to get them to leave the feeder, the Baloncillo usually flies off, but the woodpecker stands its ground.

    • I could not for the life of me think of the name of that woodpecker. Thanks, AZ. They were everywhere when I lived in Arizona. They used to peck on those dead Saguaros.

      On a side note we got up to 79 today. It felt like a heat wave.

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