BART and the Hoof

Here’s my worst nightmare, or should I say my recurrent nightmare – BART breaks down in the tube, the tube being the underwater one connecting West Oakland to San Francisco. The train actually uncoupled. The Big Guy was going to work in the train immediately following the one that uncoupled and stalled out in the tube. Someone get Denzel Washington. I smell a movie, probably called BART Undone. Denzel recouples the BART cars while pretending not to know what the hell is going on. Then he shoots the train in the caboose with a 12-gauge shotgun. Okay, the BART doesn’t really have a caboose, and Denzel has no reason to shoot a lame train, but there has to be some random drama so Denzel can whip out his worried look with furrowed eyebrows.

In other news, still no migraines. YEAH! But now my foot hurts. What the heck? I think my foot has probably been hurting for a while but I didn’t notice because of the migraines. At any rate, I’m seeing a podiatrist on Monday. Apparently, you can get an appointment with podiatrists pretty quick. They’re not like neurologist, where you have to wait until your brain explodes. Maybe they’ll be able to fix me up pretty quick too. I’m hopeful. Since I can’t drive, my hooves are my main means of transportation. Maybe the doc can rehoof me on on the spot, and I’ll be good to go. Maybe I should just see a farrier.


8 Responses to “BART and the Hoof”

  1. You sure know how to pick your pain, foot pain can stop you in your tracks (pun intended). We also had a warm sunny day, it was nice.

  2. Did you see the remake of “Taking of Phelam (sic) 1.2.3.” I enjoyed it. They could title the movie “The taking of Bart”

    Good luck with the foot.

    • I really liked that movie. I thought it was really good. I was making fun of Denzel in the blog post, but I’m actually a big fan.

      We are in the midst of Lost right now. Still first season. You are right. Great show. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint.

      • Glad that you are enjoying it. I’ve been following the final season on the web, but will have to wait until it comes out on DVD to watch it.

      • I’ve been watching some of the final episodes too, but I’m just confusing myself. We finished and sent back one DVD. We are on DVD #2 season 1. I really love the background music in the show. Very scary.

  3. Monte McClain Says:

    so sorry about the migraines. sorry to have not checked in for a while. thinking of you (not in the tunnel of course).

    • HA! Good to hear from you Monte. I’m been slacking on your blog too. Seems like so much to do these days now that I’m feeling better.

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