Cotton Candy?

The street vendor was sitting on the BART with his pole full of cotton candy. I tried to take a picture with my phone and got a blurry mess, but then I decided it was kind of unintentionally cool.


4 Responses to “Cotton Candy?”

  1. When I’m in bed and I put pressure on the side of my face my vision goes bonkers just like your picture. I’m surprised they allow vendors hawking their wares on BART, or is he just transporting his wares?

    • You are right. They do not allow hawkers on the BART but it never stops the supposedly deaf guy begging for money. This vendor didn’t hawk his wares. I think he was just transporting it. I’ve never seen a cotton candy vendor on the BART until that day.

  2. Now that is artsy. A pole of cotton candy on BART. I wouldn’t want to sit too close.

    • I didn’t sit too close because I was afraid I would get sucked into the stuff, face down. It is like a vortex for me.

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