Horatio Caine One Liners

I watch CSI Miami occasionally because the show comes on late nights. Ditto for The Office. I have no idea what’s going on in real time with these shows because I’m stuck in rerun land. I made an effort to catch a current episode of Lost, only because I’m watching the first season on DVD. I wanted to see if Jack and Hurly got off the island. Unfortunately, they’re still stuck there, and unlike the first season, everyone’s hair is a bird’s nest mess, except John Locke’s, but then he’s bald and not really Locke. I like rerun land. Sometimes it makes more sense and there’s not that urgency to finish watching the show. If Horatio Caine goes over his limit with his sunglasses and bad one liners, I turn him off and wait for tomorrow. He’ll be back. Makes me sleepy thinking about it. I’m Pavlov’s Dog queued for sleep on Horatio Caine’s sunglasses and dramatic (and yet ridiculous) one liners.


2 Responses to “Horatio Caine One Liners”

  1. That was funny. Ineed to get me a pair of those sunglasses.

  2. HA ha…I thought the same thing. Must be a subliminal ad.

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