The News, or Not

Oakland. That one word should sum it up. Usually. Last Friday was even a first for me. Someone phoned in an armed robbery at a bank two doors down from my favorite grocery. It was a mess, and turned out to be a hoax. And that part I really don’t understand. Seems like someone would have verified something before sending the troops, the helicopter, the swat team. I dunno. Just me thinking that was a huge display of weaponry and manpower originating from a disgruntled customer’s phone call. Perhaps that is their protocol. Who knows? And then everyone is kind of skittish these days after 4 officers were killed last year about this same time, near the same area.

In other news, my hometown, Nashville, flooded, horribly. Interstates turned into rivers. People were without electricity, and some poor folks lost their lives.

My heart goes out to everyone there. It was sudden, and unexpected. Opryland Hotel took a serious hit and had to move 1500 visitors to McGavock High School gym for the night. That’s kind of a switch-er-roo – pay for a $200/night room and end up on a high school’s gym floor.

My cousin sent me this photo of the farm where I grew up and her Dad now lives. The water was over the frontage road and had climbed up to the electronic entrance on the main gate. Her Dad, my uncle, was trapped inside for a day or so without electricity.

And per the usual there’s a bunch of other crap going on. Why? Because it’s me I suppose at the helm of my own life. Some of it’s funny, and some of it’s downright embarrassing but none of it can be put on the blog.


4 Responses to “The News, or Not”

  1. Better too many boys in blue than none. The weather has gone topsy turvy and it’s hurting a lot of folks. Really strange, but then again, I guess it isn’t. Sorry about all of the damage and deaths, but it seems like that is the norm recently.

    • driver Says:

      Agreed. There was a time when we didn’t have enough cops here. I’d rather see them swarm, than need one and not be able to get one.

  2. The flood pictures are scary, I searched and searched when I first heard about the flooding, but couldn’t manage to find any photos. That’s one impressive fence and electronic gate at your Uncle’s house!

    • driver Says:

      The electronic gate is more impressive when it’s not under water. I’ve never seen it like that. When I lived there, and used that driveway, we had an old chicken wire gate. It was a rusty pain in the butt.

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