Mem Day Weekend

The dogs will be holding down the fort (that one that they’re lying on) for us while we go to Tomales Bay, Saturday and Sunday. We decided to vacate the premises at the last minute. I called a few places for room reservations, but apparently everyone in the bay area has decided to vacate their premises and head to Tomales Bay. One place said they had one room available for $360. I told them they would be keeping that one too. I would sleep in the car before I would part with 360 of my clams for one night. We finally found a place to stay. It’s the sister property of some other place, and it’s mid renovation. I looked up the reviews on the internet and it was chock full of complaints about the smell and old rooms with scratched furniture. Other people had written in about road noise, and someone even complained about a baby crying all night long. On another message board, apparently the parents of the crying baby wrote in and said their baby was crying because of the smell. I booked the room anyway because it was the only one I could find that didn’t require a second mortgage on our house.

I called the Big Guy at work and told him the news. He said, “I can take anything for one night but the smell. Can you cancel?”

“No, I can’t,” I said. “The cancellation period was last week.”

“How is that possible?” he asked. “You only booked the room 10 minutes ago.”

“It’s their policy,” I said, and left it at that because there’s no explaining at a certain point in a conversation, a marriage, or life in general.

When the Big Guy came home he perused the internet for the possibly source of the smell in our room at the resort under renovation.

“It’s okay,” he said. “It’s not the rooms that stink. It’s the whole bay.”

I nodded, even though I found that more alarming than just one room. So we will be off tomorrow to some place in Tomales Bay that smells bad, with a lot of noise and bad furnishings. I can hardly wait. Seriously. Nothing like a road trip, even a bad one.

While the Big Guy was surfing the net, he also found out the “resort” where we’re staying has some sort of sunset kayak trip for 3 hours. He was going to make a reservation, but I stopped him.

“We probably have one bad reservation too many as it stands,” I told him.


7 Responses to “Mem Day Weekend”

  1. Sounds like a fun get away, smell and all. I’m sure the two of you will find many things that you like on the trip. Discounting the hotel. Have fun and have the big guy take the camera.

    • The hotel was great. Not sure what people were complaining about. Our room was right on the water and in the morning someone was playing a violin from their room – and that screechy mess either but professional like. Very fun.

  2. I spent a night in Bisbee, Arizona, at the Copper Queen Hotel its been around when Wyatt Earp was alive. When I crawled into bed that night the mattress felt like it had Wyatt’s ass dimple in it, and I’m sure the sheets were the same one Wyatt slept on, they were so thin if I farted I’d have blown a hole in them. I won’t even mention the condition of the rooms in the Gadsden Hotel I stayed in Douglas, Arizona. So have fun at the Bay of Funk, take lots of pictures!

    • HA!! Wyatt’s ass. !!! LOL! I stayed at the Cooper Queen too in the dead of summer in some attic room that they only rented to us because both of us – me and the ex – were under 5′ 5″. Even so, there were parts of the room we couldn’t stand up straight. That place is a trip. Never went back.

  3. So funny. I’ve missed your sense of humour. (Intentional or otherwise…and of course the very witty AZ.)
    When you say Wyatt Earp I think of Sam Niel… not sure why cos I don’t think he played him in the film… he might have done.
    The dogs look super-snug!

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