Tomales Bay and the Fat

First off, there was no stinking at Tomales Bay. Secondly, I had NO IDEA that is the place where the oyster farms are. The Big Guy had been talking about eating oysters at Tomales Bay, but frankly, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together as I often don’t. I didn’t know this was where the oysters were grown. We ate oysters at every meal except breakfast and that was because we ate blueberry muffins then.

This is a photo of the bay.

It’s the picturesque one the big guy took right before we went in this place – Tony’s Seafood in Marshall and had the best barbequed oysters.

It wasn’t very crowded, and we sat on large wooden spools. I found out later from the intraweb, people were boycotting the place because last year the owner was charged and convicted of gillnetting fish right there at the back of his restaurant. Kind of weird crime. Not sure if I would have boycotted the place had I known about it. I’m not much for boycotts, particularly after someone has admitted guilt, paid the fine and served the time. Besides, the little voice in my head says, “Barbequed oysters,” and that messes with my reason, almost as much as fried pies.

Speaking of fried pies, Little Mary, across the street, who is probably all of 4’ 6” and 70 pounds soaking wet, looked at me the other day and said, “You are fat.” I was kind of shocked. Leave it to a tiny old Filipino lady to tell you the truth when no one else will. When I didn’t say anything she went on, “You have gotten fat. What are you doing?”

“Eating fried pies,” I said.

“Stop,” she said, turned and went back to cutting roses in her yard.


18 Responses to “Tomales Bay and the Fat”

  1. Wow, those look good. I haven’t had oysters since visiting New Orleans in the early nineties. They were smoked. No raw ones for me.

    • I love raw, but smoked are great too. Those are the only two kinds of oysters I’ve ever eaten until this weekend. Apparently, barbecued is main way in the Tomales Bay area. They are delicious that way.

  2. Raw ones make you fruity don’t they… I’ll not try them on my husband. I have a headache.
    This place looks amazing. I don’t think I would boycott either. I boycott a supermarket over here. JSainsbury. Greedy! Huge revamp, inflated prices, extra aisles with more crap in them and they have even made the trollies bigger. (They think people will automatically fill the trolley, hence making it bigger… it worked on me… I just sussed it in time.)
    Where was I? oh, yeah, looks really lovely….
    Little Mary is a minx isn’t she. People who unashamadley ‘say it how it is’ always get away with it…

    • I think raw one are an aphrodisiac, but I can’t tell honestly.

      I boycott places every once in a while but it seldom works out for me. I forget that I’m boycotting them and then if I remember that I forgot why I was boycotting them.

      Little Mary is a minx. She is the family’s great aunt, or something. She doesn’t live there full time but drops in every once in a while. She’s like royalty visiting. All the neighbors know her and we all pay homage. People drive by and honk. She’s the queen. Her word is the one with the bark on it.

  3. Oysters… I used to eat lots of raw Oysters, but my favorite Oyster restaurant is no more, they used to have a blackboard in the lobby that listed all the daily flights that brought in their “fresh” oysters. Eating raw oysters in the middle of the Sonora Desert seems dangerous for some reason, like how long has that oyster been sitting around waiting for me to order it.

    I remember my neighbor, Eva, she was talking to another neighbor one day, Eva had been dieting and she rubbed her hand across her tummy and said “I think my stomach is going down.” Her neighbor exclaimed “yeah, down to your knees.” Neighbors who needs ’em!

    • I have to tell you, AZ, the best sushi I have ever eaten was in Phoenix. That makes NO sense. I eat it all the time out here where the catch is supposed to be fresh but it doesn’t compare to what I used to eat in Phoenix. And now, I can’t even remember the places’ names.

      LOL! on the neighbor story. I love my neighbors except for the asshole that tore my fence down. Thankfully he’s only the landlord and doesn’t live there.

  4. Oh I almost forgot, BP is killing millions of fish with its oil spill and the government does nothing, poor Tony uses a gill net and they’re down on him like stink of excrement. What UP!

    • I can’t even read about that BP mess any more. People keep sending me crap and I delete it.

      • I’ve been following the BP story on the news. So sad and what a pussy government! I’m not being disrespectful… ours would no doubt be worse!
        I’ve not had sushi…. oh and yes… Oysters are aphrodisiac but I couldn’t spell it so I thought fruity would cover it! ;o)

      • I’m furious with BP. I think they should have to clean this mess up. to hell with them.

  5. Monte McClain Says:

    glad the weekend was redeemed. i myself am definitely more for raw ones with a little lemon juice, good salt and a side of great white wine. see you soon!

  6. Hey girl!! Just catching up on my reading. Oysters have never passed these lips of mine and I doubt they ever will. I am glad that you enjoyed the bbq’d ones though. Great pictures! Hope all is well with you!

  7. PodengoMum Says:

    You are not fat. Period.

  8. PodengoMum Says:

    Who made her the expert on fat?

    • I think she gave herself that title. I dreamed about that whole family last night. I dreamed there was a water leak and they were suing us for some reason, rather than the city. I think it was related to the huge water battle they had with the other neighbors.

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