WordPress and Fried Pies

I was working on a post yesterday but WordPress went down. The dog ate my homework, but no – WordPress ate my blog. The intraweb reports WordPress came back up in an hour, but my blog didn’t, kind of like my little chicken is dead. I was afraid my blog was going to be permanently dead, but someone at WordPress stuck the defibrillators on it, screamed, “Clear”, and it jumped up like it had never been unconscious. Should be a segment on Grey’s Anatomy, except women in scrubs have to cry and hook up with one of the doctors in some room that you can’t identify but looks like a dorm or a closet.

I had to look up the word “defibrillator” on google because I couldn’t spell it. Did you know you can purchase a home defibrillator? If you follow the link, you’ll see the home defibrillator site with a photo of a happy couple in their living room. She’s sitting on their beige sofa working on her laptop. He’s sitting on the floor cross-legged reading the newspaper. Both are smiling because either she just shocked the shit out of him with the home defibrillator or she’s thinking about it. They’ve been chasing the dog with it too.

I was posting this blog entry when I noticed I have a couple of comments in my spam queue. There’s a referback from the “The Diet for Sexually Active People” left on the blog entry, “Useless Crap and Fried Pies.” Fried pies are a diet for sexually active people? Live and learn. Makes me even more fond of them.


2 Responses to “WordPress and Fried Pies”

  1. Fun post. We are at the mercy of the blog sites. What would we do without them? After mowing the lawn this morning, I could have used someone with a defib. I was either in shock or needed a shock. Lawn mowing is getting harder as I get older.

    • Mowing will give you a heat stroke. Our yard is tiny thankfully and the Big Guy mows in about an hour. I do the weeding. Sometimes I think it’d be nice to live in a condo but I do like a bit of yard, a tiny bit.

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