Late Nights

I hope you can see this. I opted not to lighten this photo so you can get the full effect of what I’m dealing with late at night. The Big Dog has been creeping up on me, silently, stealthily, and scaring the Be-Jesus out of me. When I turn around, she’s standing there staring. I have no idea what she’s doing or what she wants. It’s disconcerting.


6 Responses to “Late Nights”

  1. She’s probably wondering what you are doing. She’s watching your back.

    • HA! She is watching my back. Silently too. Today she is in sleeping on the futon. Their futon. That used to be my futon.

  2. Maybe Big Dog is making memories like new mommies that stare at their sleeping babies wanting to burn that image of total innocence into their brain so when the kid turns 16 and runs the family car into a ditch the stored memory of the sleeping baby will keep the mommy from killing the dork he grew up to be.

    • I dunno about that. Mostly scaring me to death isn’t making any positive images with me. She is a sweetie though as opposed to the little dog, who is like living with a tiny Nazi – so rigid and unforgiving.

  3. PodengoMum Says:

    She wants a fried pie. You know and she knows it.

    • Everyone wants fried pies but they are ALL GONE. Thankfully. I dreamt of them last night and swimming. What a crazy dream.

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