More of the same…

It hot here, miserably hot. 93 degrees yesterday and expecting more of the same today but without the breeze. At least yesterday we had a breeze, and also a neighborhood water fight. It was a large one too. I went outside to watch but then I was mistaken for a participant so I ran back inside.

The heat ripened our first two tomatoes from our garden. Unfortunately, even though they were cherry tomatoes they were mealy. I hope we don’t have another year of mealy and tasteless tomatoes like we did year before last. It was a disappointment. No clue why one year is tasty and the next year, not so much.

Our tomato Topsy Turvey was doing so well on our porch, we bought a pepper Topsy Turvey. They Topsy Turveys like our porch even though neither has put forth anything we can eat yet.I hope this is not one of these deals where we grow a huge plant with a thick stem and no vegetable.

And then there’s this. You might wonder what it is. First, it’s a concrete block we put in a spot in the yard where the little dog kept eating dirt. Easy enough to fix. The dog stopped eating dirt too, pretty much. I caught her noshing some dirt on the other side of the patio and I yelled at her, not out of anger, but because she’s a bit deaf. She heard me though, and I scared her. She jumped in the air. Yesterday I found this – poo on the concrete block. I think the little dog is trying to tell me something – like bugger off.

Some sad/good news. The slug who has been living under my bird bath for months, shriveled up on one end. I didn’t know if it was his head or his ass going bad, and I tried to save him with extra water but to no avail. After that, I couldn’t look for a while. He had been huge, wonderful, and majestic. This week I finally decided I had to clean the birdbath, and when I picked it up, I found babies. Turns out, slugs are hermaphroditic. Good for him/her.


4 Responses to “More of the same…”

  1. That made me laugh. The little dog leaving you a message. That’s priceless.

    Yeah, slugs don’t need anyone to reproduce. Strange creatures. Little baby slugs, how about that.

    • THe little dog always makes me laugh, mostly because she is so serious – about everything. She got mad at me about something (can’t remember) and had nothing to do with me for 2 days. TWO WHOLE DAYS! It hurt my feelings and then in the middle of the night, she decided to make up and walked over to me, presented her head for a scratch. I don’t think she was sorry. She had simply forgiven me for my transgression. Whatever it was.

  2. How did I miss this post? Well I think Little Dog knows doggie shorthand, poop on concrete is international dog speak for “beware two legged walker with opposable thumbs, today concrete tomorrow your shoes!”

    As for slugs, soon you will have armies of slugs, be prepared! At my old house in Shooter’s World you didn’t dare walk outside at night because every step would be crunch (snail) squish (slug). That and once they find your garden they will begin cutting holes in all your leaves and snipping you seedlings off at the ground.

    I’ve never grown vegetables so no words of wisdom from me 🙂 !

    • We have snails in droves here but not slugs. All the slugs are under the bird bath. I hope they don’t spread like you indicate they did to you in Shooter’s World. Then I will have to deal with them all over the place and rue the day I was so friendly to them under the bird bath.

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