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Gas Leak

Posted in Oakland, she-it on July 31, 2010 by Nada

No, it wasn’t the Big Guy or the dogs either. It was a genuine gas leak…right here…at the base of the house.
We weren’t here when PG & E ran a sniffer up beside our house and found the leak. When we came home, they were there in full force. They dug a hole next to the foundation and for a brief time you could really smell gas. Then, they shut the gas off. A couple of things went through my mind at that point.
1) I was glad no one smoked out on the front porch. Our guests who smoke use the back porch.
2) Thank God for PG & E…and just plain thank you from me, the Big Guy, the dogs, and the neighbors. That would have been a bad way to go. Blown to bits because I tried smoking again out the front of the house. Kaboom.

PG & E finished the repairs, and their inspector and gas reigniter showed up around 11pm. According to the fellows who worked on the leak, someone had not properly installed our gas line, so PG & E has to come back and rerun the line. More chunks of our driveway could end up in the back of one of their pickups. Hard to say. They have a “mole” that will attempt to rerun the line, but if it fails they will have to dig. Fortunately, only the Smart Car is using the driveway and it doesn’t use very much of it.

Thanks again PG & E. You’re the best!


Real Food

Posted in animal, food on July 30, 2010 by Nada

The bag behind this dollop of icing says “Real Food. Simple Delicious.” I thought it was hilarious because great piles of white icing are not what I consider “Real Food.” Real food is steak and a beer with a side of beef jerky. Real food is not some pansy ass petite vanilla scone from Starbucks. That insult aside, there is nothing more delicious than the pseudo “real food” of vanilla mini scone from Starbucks. I love it (too much) and it’s cheap. CHEAP! Though this morning I can’t remember how much the little darling is. Also, unbeknownst to a lot of folks (me included until a few weeks ago), customers can go in a Starbucks and order a “short.” It is a small cup of coffee, not listed on the menu and offered at a cheaper price. I am Miss Cheap – without a memory as it turns out because I can’t remember how much a “short” is either.

Here is another short of a different variety.

Yosemite and the Little Knife

Posted in general weirdness, she-it, travel on July 29, 2010 by Nada

We have relatives visiting from Michigan. We all went to Yosemite. You can fill in the blanks here. Blah, blah, blah beautiful. Blah, blah, blah, hiking. Blah, blah, blah Half Dome, that’s as in sunset, and not my forehead. I had a good time, blah, blah, blah.

Next subject…I had to buy a new knife. I was going to write, “if you can believe it.” But I’m sure you can believe I laid my old knife down somewhere and either 1) lost it, or 2) forgot where it was, or 3) someone picked it up. My fault on all accounts. It was a great knife – an out the front switchblade. I can’t get another one exactly like it. They don’t make them any more. I’m sad, but as I said, “My own damn fault.”

I went to the army navy surplus store in Alameda and bought a new knife for $12 because I’m cheap and I need a knife worse than a car. And yes, I have a variety of knives at the house, but I need a pocket knife that’s not going to scare the be-jesus out of passerbys as I break down boxes. The new knife is small, metal, and sharp. It has a tiny steel button on the side to flip it open. I liked it. Notice the past tense – “liked.” I “liked” it until I leaned up against a counter and accidentally pressed the tiny button that opens the little knife. It flipped open in my pocket and cut my pants. Now, I’m mad at the Indians at the army navy surplus store who sold me the cheap knife that practically stabbed me in my thigh. Yes, I will take the blame for losing my good knife, but it’s best if rednecks work the army navy surplus stores. They would have said something about that little knife before I bought it, something to the effect of, “Ya betta be careful of that little bugger. It’ll open up in your pocket and slice something, maybe something valuable.”

Angry Little Bird

Posted in animal on July 15, 2010 by Nada

When we were at the horse track a month ago, in between races, a passel of smaller birds attacked a crow. I’m sure it was warranted, but still the little birds were flailing on the crow like there was no tomorrow. The crow was flying away from the stands, us, and the gang of smaller birds doing the beat down. No telling what the crow’s offense was, something crow-like, I’m sure, like eating the young of the smaller birds. Crows are carnivores.

After the crow exited stage left, the Big Guy took a picture of one of the angry little birds involved in the beat down. He used the zoom, and couldn’t really see the image until he loaded it on his computer. The picture is cropped but other than that I have not touched it up. That is one angry little bird.


Posted in animal on July 9, 2010 by Nada

We feed the birds in a squirrel proof feeder on the side of our house. The regular crew of house sparrows and purple finches camp at our eat-a-teria. We also have a pair of morning doves and an obese pigeon, named Pigy. Pigy used to be slimmer, way back when, but he’s a glutton, and gobbles seed at the feeder like the world is going to end. Pigy doesn’t fight at the feeder like some of the other smaller birds. He lands on the ground with one thing on his mind – eating seed and eating more seed until he splits at the seems.

Though he is not a particularly rude bird like some of the smaller sparrows, lately he has developed a couple of bad habits. As Pigy exits the eating area, he craps on the Big Guy’s car. The Big Guy has been grumbling about the poo. I told him it was Pigy, the flying pig, taking off for some place serving french fries and chewed pizza crusts. To add insult to injury, if I’m in the side yard with the dogs, Pigy dive bombs me coming and going. I’m not sure what to make of this new behavior. I had excused him for a while because I thought his vision was poor, but clearly the last time he flew off he deliberately tried to peck my head.

Pigy, please mind your manners. Though I like you plenty, I don’t like you as much as you may think. If you peck my head, I promise I will peck yours.

I thought it best to issue a direct warning to Pigy via the internet because I think he goes down to Peet’s in the afternoon and uses their free wifi.


Posted in holy crap on July 9, 2010 by Nada

Courtesy of AZ…


Posted in travel on July 5, 2010 by Nada

This photo was shot out the plane window. It’s a sunset, except we are above it, maybe it would be better to call it a sundown.