Happy 4th!

The Big Dog is a smiler. Some dogs are and some aren’t. The Little Dog wouldn’t smile if her life depended on it. The Big Dog likes to smile when we first come in the house or when we rub her neck. It’s funny to watch. Sometimes I wake her up to rub her neck just to see her smile.

In other news, that’s news only in my world and no one else’s, I swapped a small oriental rug to my neighbor for 3 outdoor terra cotta pots. The rug was in my garage and the pots were in my neighbor’s shed. Major score from useless to used. While my neighbor and I were discussing the swap, I told her we had “something” coming through our dog door in broad daylight.

She said, “Oh, that’s not a ‘something.’ That’s a mama raccoon and a couple of babies. They came in our house through the open back door. They’re living under our shed. They’re bold.”

I love swaps but as far as raccoons, I think the neighbor should keep her raccoons to herself. They are hers, aren’t they? They’re living on her property. Possession is 99% of the law. Besides, she has three kids, so that’s one raccoon per kid. Sounds good to me.


10 Responses to “Happy 4th!”

  1. My mam in laws dog smiles. It does. It’s a greyhound, Max, (you need a name…don’t ask me why.. I hate calling dogs, dogs.. they have names… they are just like people.) Anyway, to the untrained eye you may be forgiven for thinking he is snarling, but there is no noise, and it’s obvious anyway… he’s bouncing and smiling whenever I come in the house… Love it!
    I’ve just registered on a book-swap site. Thought I’d give it go. I have enough books to make a book-house for a smiling dog. I figured I might be able to get away with a half swap… just give. A sw perhaps?
    I don’t know anything about racoons…. I’ve never seen one, I don’t think we have them in England… My Aunt once had a hedgehog through her cat-flap… it got stuck on the horse hair welcome mat… nasty tangles.

    • A hedgehog? I would love to see a hedgehog. That sounds like some kind of great story – hedgehog stuck on the horsehair welcome mat. HA!

  2. My Little Dog (Mija, Spanish slang for my little daughter) didn’t smile either, but when I walked into the door she would go into uncontrollable snorting fits. I would have to pick her up and pat her back until she regained control of her breathing. Why smile when you can go into full blown convulsions to let your mama know you’re happy to see her.

    I’m all for keeping things out of landfills, I say if you’ve got something being stored and unused you owe it to Mother Earth to try to give or sell it to someone who needs it. Just the other day my BFF decided to buy all new kitchen appliances and she called us and said “do you know anyone who needs a dishwasher?” I was on the phone in a nanosecond, calling SO’s nephew, and sure enough he needed it since they just bought a house and their dishwasher was on the fritz. She also gave away her side-by-side refrigerator and her glass top electric stove. I donate to Goodwill all the time, I also buy from Goodwill because people donate really good stuff there.

    And you’re right on the raccoon front, if it lives under your shed then “officially” you are the owner :0) !

    • OMG! I laughed about Mija. We have adopted your word too for snit, as what the little dog does – fake sneeze.

      I’m all about the barter. I got a 60’s corner sofa from the same neighbor, cleaned it and put it in my living room for a year before I decided I it was too big. I put it to the curb but my neighbor across the street wanted it and it was gone, in a nanosecond.

      I like Goodwill but I find what I do is buy something from there and when it wears out, I go to the source for a replacement. I got an REI fleece from there. I wore it 2 years and the zipper broke. The replacement from the store was 3 times as much as Goodwill but there were none there and I am a creature of clothes habit.

      • The REI fleece was still a good deal because if you hadn’t found the first one at Goodwill you would have paid full price twice! At least this way the first one was a bargain.

      • You are correct about that. I got a Gap sweatshirt Goodwill that I adored too. I wore it until the zipper fell out. But the REI fleece is spectacular. I had to replace it after it died. I always think when I’m buying something at Goodwill – why in the heck would anyone turn this in?

  3. I do love the pic of the smiling dog!!! Made me smile too. My pups may not smile but they do get the butt wiggle going on when they are happy!

    • The butt wigglers are adorable too. Both my dogs are so old now, their butts are arthritic. No more wiggling. It’s funny though as the little one always presents her butt for a scratch.

  4. I love dogs that smile. Great personalities.

    • I concur. I had an old schipperke would smiled so broadly it made me laugh every time I saw her. She was a black dog with this big white smile.

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