We feed the birds in a squirrel proof feeder on the side of our house. The regular crew of house sparrows and purple finches camp at our eat-a-teria. We also have a pair of morning doves and an obese pigeon, named Pigy. Pigy used to be slimmer, way back when, but he’s a glutton, and gobbles seed at the feeder like the world is going to end. Pigy doesn’t fight at the feeder like some of the other smaller birds. He lands on the ground with one thing on his mind – eating seed and eating more seed until he splits at the seems.

Though he is not a particularly rude bird like some of the smaller sparrows, lately he has developed a couple of bad habits. As Pigy exits the eating area, he craps on the Big Guy’s car. The Big Guy has been grumbling about the poo. I told him it was Pigy, the flying pig, taking off for some place serving french fries and chewed pizza crusts. To add insult to injury, if I’m in the side yard with the dogs, Pigy dive bombs me coming and going. I’m not sure what to make of this new behavior. I had excused him for a while because I thought his vision was poor, but clearly the last time he flew off he deliberately tried to peck my head.

Pigy, please mind your manners. Though I like you plenty, I don’t like you as much as you may think. If you peck my head, I promise I will peck yours.

I thought it best to issue a direct warning to Pigy via the internet because I think he goes down to Peet’s in the afternoon and uses their free wifi.


4 Responses to “Pigy”

  1. Funny post. I understand the big guy. Some of the cats in the are love to track their dirty paws on cars sitting outside. Many a day I wish I had a cat eating dog. A flying pig. That’s a good one.

  2. We have cats that try the car walk too but we buy this Have-a-heart sprinkle that has cayenne pepper in it and sprinkle all over the front yard. Lasts about a month. The cats can’t stand it and steer clear of the area.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how wild birds don’t recognize the hand that feeds them, I constantly get the evil eye from hummingbirds when I take down their feeders to clean and refill them. The tiny little buggers dive bomb me, they haven’t a clue that I’m the one buying 5 pound bags of sugar to support their sweet water habit. And the mourning and white wing doves won’t quit poopin’ in the birdbath, they drink, preen, turn around and poop in the water they just drank from, I mean really!

    • You would think the hummers would be smarter than pigeons. I don’t know what this is with the dive bombing the hand that feeds. Almost makes me want to give it up. Almost.

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