Angry Little Bird

When we were at the horse track a month ago, in between races, a passel of smaller birds attacked a crow. I’m sure it was warranted, but still the little birds were flailing on the crow like there was no tomorrow. The crow was flying away from the stands, us, and the gang of smaller birds doing the beat down. No telling what the crow’s offense was, something crow-like, I’m sure, like eating the young of the smaller birds. Crows are carnivores.

After the crow exited stage left, the Big Guy took a picture of one of the angry little birds involved in the beat down. He used the zoom, and couldn’t really see the image until he loaded it on his computer. The picture is cropped but other than that I have not touched it up. That is one angry little bird.


12 Responses to “Angry Little Bird”

  1. Wow, yuour are right. That little bird does look pissed off. Good shot by the big guy.

  2. Amazing how that tiny little yellow eye can convey anger so well.

    My brother-in-law has a friend who’s building a home up north, the house was roofed and has walls, but no doors or windows. Crows began using the home as a hostel, and they also started piling up mega poops on the floor. B-in-L’s friend was told to shoot a crow and hang it in the rafters of the house, and crows would never return, and they were right, the crows have vacated the house, and the giant crow poops are no longer a problem.

    • Crows are smart animals. It doesn’t surprise me they took the dead crow as a sign and moved on. Supposedly, crows have incredible face recognition ability. I believe it. I walk a lot and they seem to follow my through the neighborhood, like the town criers.

  3. Hey, this was one visual posting. And I LOVED the picture of the angry little bird. H—- hath no fury like a little thing finally wreaking vengence!

  4. Okay, I’m worried now, where you be?

    • Sorry I was in Yosemite. I should have posted a note but I forgot. I’m back now. How are things?

      • Phew! I was gonna call the Oakland PD and see if you got thrown in the jail for doin’ something you hadn’t otta be doin’. Oh! Yosemite, I’ve never been there, did you take pictures?

        We finally got some rain! We’re at 80°F!

      • I didn’t take any pictures. I think the Big Guy did but he’s out of town right now with his family. I’ll check when he gets back – if I remember. The big “if.”

  5. Correction we’re at 77.2 °F and 85% humidity! I just checked the weather station that’s close to my house on the compooter. I’m in heaven!

  6. I bet you are in heaven.

    I hear Tempe Town Lake is no more. And where the heck did they get an alligator to feed the fish to? I tried to watch a news report of some guy saying, “Thank goodness the lake blew up because we were on the verge of repairing it.” Huh? The whole thing was funny…okay maybe not really since it probably is a stinky mess right now, but who in their right minds makes a rubber dam in Arizona. I’m surprised it lasted one summer.

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