Gas Leak

No, it wasn’t the Big Guy or the dogs either. It was a genuine gas leak…right here…at the base of the house.
We weren’t here when PG & E ran a sniffer up beside our house and found the leak. When we came home, they were there in full force. They dug a hole next to the foundation and for a brief time you could really smell gas. Then, they shut the gas off. A couple of things went through my mind at that point.
1) I was glad no one smoked out on the front porch. Our guests who smoke use the back porch.
2) Thank God for PG & E…and just plain thank you from me, the Big Guy, the dogs, and the neighbors. That would have been a bad way to go. Blown to bits because I tried smoking again out the front of the house. Kaboom.

PG & E finished the repairs, and their inspector and gas reigniter showed up around 11pm. According to the fellows who worked on the leak, someone had not properly installed our gas line, so PG & E has to come back and rerun the line. More chunks of our driveway could end up in the back of one of their pickups. Hard to say. They have a “mole” that will attempt to rerun the line, but if it fails they will have to dig. Fortunately, only the Smart Car is using the driveway and it doesn’t use very much of it.

Thanks again PG & E. You’re the best!


8 Responses to “Gas Leak”

  1. That is scary. Since I still smoke, I would have found a sure way to quit.

    • It was scary. The Big Guy’s daughter and her husband smoke, mostly on the back porch but they could have smoked out front and blown themselves up I suppose.

  2. gcwriter Says:

    Wow! I am glad yall weren’t blown to smithereens! Gotta love PG&E.

    Be safe, and no sneaking smokes!

    love ya,

    • Hey GC. Good to see you. One thing is for certain if I’m going to sneak a smoke, it won’t be in the front of the house.

  3. You had a gas leak and you couldn’t smell it? I must have a pretty good sniffer because I can spot a gas leak in a nanosecond. Several times in my life I’ve told Significant Other “the water heater has a gas leak,” or the stove has a gas leak,” and I’m confronted with a dumb look, but if I smell it it is there. The sad part is the SO is a certified gas tech., but he needs a machine to tell him there’s a gas leak. I on the other hand only need my nose.

  4. I laughed so hard at that. I forgot SO was a certified gas tech. PG & E should hire you out here, instead of that mechanical sniffer they are using. You could just run up beside the house and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

    Did I smell the gas? Oh, AZ this has been the topic of days of discussion because both me and the Big Guy are senile. Here is what we have pieced together but we are still waiting for some more memory to return…if it ever will. Yes, I did smell it several years ago. The Big Guy and I remember that much, but from there we’re not sure what we did. We “think” we notified PG & E, but we are not sure. We have called PG & E several times for the electrical but we are both confused and can’t remember about the gas.

    • I bet the gas leak was sporadic, leaked a little then stopped, then leaked again, I’m guessing that’s why it wasn’t a urgent concern to you and the Big Guy. Good thing you guys didn’t blow you behinds to who knows where.

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