The Big Guy took this picture of Yosemite. Yosemite is beautiful, but it’s overrun with tourists, and not rude ones, but just a lot of them. When I go to a park I prefer to see some bear and deer and not a boatload of homo sapiens. Regardless, I had a great time. The place is kind of like the Grand Canyon, always breath taking and always fun. I just wish a few tourists would take a slow bus to Niagara Falls when they hear the Queen of Oat Town (me, in my mind only) is pulling into Half Dome.

I have to say our room beat all I had ever seen. It was at this place. Rooms are not cheap there, by any means, and when I was gathering up our stuff to leave, I saw our room rate posted on the door and had a mild coronary. Fortunately, the front desk only charged us half of the posted rate. I don’t know why.

Our room was at the upper part of the motel away from their restaurant, with a door to a balcony that was directly over the river. I kept the door open all night to the sounds of the rolling river, splashing downstream over those massive boulders. We also had a ceiling fan and this tub as big as a Cadillac with jets. Yes, I did make use of all the amenities. (Take a country girl to some place fancy and she will fiddle with everything in the room.) The only thing I did not mess with was the microwave, and I consider that cooking, which I do not do unless perhaps the world was coming to an end. Then, I might cook a piece of chicken. (And then again, I might see if the grocery was still open. They roast their chicken legs.)

6 Responses to “Yosemite”

  1. Sounds like a super trip. Great photo by the big guy. As a young lad visiting my grandparents in Fresno one summer. My grandpa and me drove up to Yousemite. We had a couple of old sleeping bags and slept outside. I remember a huge tree that had a tunnel cut out of it. I think you could drive through with a small car. I read somewhere that is died and was cut down.

    • I didn’t see that tree, so it must be gone. I would have loved seeing it. Yosemite had some rock formation that hung over the road that was so cool, but it fell since the last time we were there. There was still plenty of neat stuff to see but I love the overhangs and tunnels.

  2. The last time I was at the Grand Canyon I was surprised that I couldn’t understand anyone standing around me, they were speaking every language but English. The traffic jam at the GC was also a surprise, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many RVs concentrated in one area. When I hiked Bright Angel it was back in the mid-70s I thought the GC was busy, but I was mistaken, 20 years later it was really crowded. I suppose it’s the same at all the national parks.

    • It’s funny but I notice the same thing the last time I was at the Grand Canyon – very few English speakers. At Yosemite, it’s a bit different because there is a lot of camping. I’m always surprised at the number of children running around and on bicycles. There’s a lot of English and other languages – just a lot of people in general.

  3. PodengoMum Says:

    Hey! There are giant drive through trees in Mendocino! They are awesome. There’s one not too far from the Bay Area too.

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