The wheel fell off my vacuum a month or so ago. It was one of those non-events that barely registered in my feeble brain. I vaguely remember jamming the Eureka powerhead into something and when I pulled back, there was a lose wheel, like a dog turd on my oriental rug. I put the wheel back on. I vacuumed a bit. The wheel fell off again. I put it back on. It feel off. I put it on. It fell off. I put it on. It fell off…You get the picture. This has been going on for weeks. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

Today, I pulled the vacuum out of its closet and the loose wheel stayed behind. “Screw you,” I said, as if a vacuum wheel could hear. I vacuumed without it – one wheeled around the house, kind of wondering if I was marring the hardwood and kind of not caring because that’s the kind of house frau I am.

Today, I vacuumed the den last because it was the worst with the normal purplish oriental almost white from dog hair. As I jammed the vacuum up under the futon, the Eureka powerhead came back minus its final wheel. I stared at it for a brief second, and then finished vacuuming the oriental without any wheels. Those old rugs are as tough as nails. Next week, I’ve got to do something before I start vacuuming, like repairs. I hate that. It reminds of me my time on the farm. Seemed like every time there was a chore to be done, you had to first repair the equipment or dig potatoes.


6 Responses to “Eureka”

  1. S**t happens when it comes to Vacum cleaners. I don’t know how she did it, but my wife vacumed up part of the vacum extension cord and it came out in two pices. I had a local electrical shop replace it. It’s a cheap vacum, but old. The last bag is in it and there are no more available. When it fills up, time to toss it and buy a new one. I’m debating on getting a bagless vacum, but don’t know if they are more trouble than not.

    • Sorry. I had to laugh. Honestly, I think we vacuum in a trance. I ran over the chord to my previous vacuum and sliced it so severely, I had to repair it with electrical tape. I’ve not heard of anyone sucking up the extension though. I’m sad to say I tried to replace the current vacuum with an upright Eureka pet vac. It’s bagless and is a mess every time I try to empty it. The dog hair sticks to the bottom of the canister, and now, the hair has worn it down so the old one sucks better. Is that a compliment? I think so in vacuum land.

  2. Our last vacuum died in spectacular fashion — it made an unhappy noise, sparks shot out the back and that was it šŸ™‚

    The new one is a bagless Dyson (yeah, we splurged) and it’s been great. The first time I vacuumed with it, I got tons of dust and cat fur that the old one hadn’t.

    That said, if the Eureka still basically works, you can probably order parts to fix it.

    • Sparks and death! Very dramatic. Though sparks usually put me right off that electrical appliance. Luckily, it died thereafter.

      ALL my friends are telling me to get a Dyson. I think I am. Everyone has convinced me. I don’t want to spend any money on the Eureka. In between this post and this comment, a wheel fell off the canister. That means both wheels are now off the powerhead and one is off the canister. Time to retire it.

  3. Cute toes! I’ve got a Kirby that I’ve had for more than 20 years, little bits of it keep falling off I keep a roll of packing tape handy to hold the bits in place. I also have two Hoover Windtunnels. Why two? Because the original started having beater bar problems so we went out to Goodwill and found another and scavenged parts to fix the original, but in the process SO fixed the original’s problem (it wasn’t the beater bar). Now I have three vacuums!

    • Thanks.

      That’s what I need too – a vacuum for parts. Actually, I have 3 vacuums too. I use them all. The one I like the most is probably the little Shark. I have him out every day. He has a little battery – no chord and no bag. He’s good for small hair tunnels.

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