Trumpet Plant

I thought I’d show you this picture of my neighbor’s plant, and then talk about what’s in my blog’s spam queue. There’s a comment that says, “It’s hard to come by decent info on the web.” I laughed when I read that. Obvious spam. It is hard to come by decent info on the web and even harder to find it on my blog. The spam was dropped on the “Real Food” entry – of all places.

In other news, PG & E was back at my house again today tidying up. They tidy up more than I do. They poured concrete to replace the concrete they jack hammered out of the driveway for the gas leak. Very nice of them. I would like to give them all a group hug for
1) Fixing the leak before I blew myself to kingdom come
2) Being so darn nice
3) For cleaning up after themselves.

And, I bought a new vacuum. It was more expensive than the last car I purchased. It’s an Electrolux. I bought it, put it in my friend’s car trunk and then came home on the BART. Tomorrow, the Electrolux comes to the house for it’s virgin vacuum. Let the dog hair in the den be very frightened.


8 Responses to “Trumpet Plant”

  1. Beautiful flowers. Congrats on the PG&E work and getting a new Vacum.

  2. I think our Dyson vacuum is worth more than my old VW at this point. It definitely gets used more than the old VW, since I’m frequently on the e-bike and K is in the Prius.

    • HA! That’s the Oakland way now – the vacuums out value the autos – if there is an auto. Some of us e-bike and hoof it.

  3. I remember the day the Kirby salesman came to our house, he was going to show us how much dirt and gunk a Kirby will get out of carpet. So he proceeds to vacuum my living room, and he gets zip, nada, and he looks at me and says “I’ve never seen carpet so clean.” HA! OCD you can’t beat it for puttin’ the whammy of the Kirby man! I failed to mention, of course, that the carpet was installed about three weeks prior to his visit, and didn’t have time to accumulate any really ground in dirt.

    I like your neighbors tree, but what is that growing underneath the tree?

    • HA! I love this line, “OCD you can’t beat it for puttin’ the whammy on the Kirby man!” Too too funny.

      You know, AZ, I have no idea what is under that tree. I read your comment late last night and blew the picture up and couldn’t even tell. I need to walk down there and see. I didn’t even see those things. Hopefully I will remember today.

      • I went and looked under that tree. Those are tiny little plants that look like hens and chickens but they aren’t. The neighbor told me the name of them and I promptly for it. Started with an “eu” – I think.

  4. Euphorbia! I have a euphorbia, but it looks nothing like the one in your picture. I did a Yahoo search, and sure ’nuff euphorbias all look different, some like cacti others like regular plants. It caught my eye in your picture because of the blue-green coloration.

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