Mr. Tomato Head

We grew him in our garden. If you look close, you can see a couple of tiny black eyes, and hair on his nose. He’s not this big either. He’s a cherry tomato. I won’t be eating him either. He’s just too weird. We had him upside down for a spell and called him something else, but I’m trying to run a PG blog so here – on the blog – he’s Mr. Tomato Head. He’s running for mayor of Oakland in November. He should win.


5 Responses to “Mr. Tomato Head”

  1. Now that is a unique tomato. He, don’t ask how I know it’s a he (turn him over), could probably make a damn fine mayor.

  2. I almost accidentally ate him this morning. “Someone” had put him back with the regular tomatoes to be eaten. Yikes! Our future mayor.

  3. Must be Jewish…

    • AZ, that’s good. The stem on top does look like the Jewish head piece that the orthodox jews wear. Can’t remember the name.

    • OMG! Sprayed my MAC with water, laughing. I know better than to drink and read your comments. I know better, AZ.

      It’s called a yarmulke, Steve, though I’ve been calling it a Yamaka all these years. I looked it up on the internet to see the real name.

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