Cable Car Barn

This is a photo of some of the winding machines in the cable car barn, located on the corner of Mason and Washington, in San Francisco. The barn houses the cable car motors, cables, and sheaves. Cables for each line are one big loop and whip around the city. The cable car museum is located inside the barn. It’s worth the trip and admission is free. Just went there, and on the way down the conductor on the cable car gave me a free ride. YAH! Ya gotta love the free and the unexpected free.


4 Responses to “Cable Car Barn”

  1. That’s neat and worth a visit. SF and cable cars go hand in hand.

  2. The barn is amazing. I love playing tourist.

  3. What always amazes me is that SF had the foresight to keep their cable cars. So many other cities had them but they removed them in the name of progress.

    • So true. Apparently, Nashville (where I grew up) had cable cars going down West End (I think), but got rid of them. They could use them now as their public transportation is relatively non-existent.

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