Google Car

My friend, her nephews, and I were walking to the cable car barn (see previous post) when I spotted the Google car coming slowly down the street. I love that search engine, so much so when I saw the Google car taking photos I pointed like a star struck teenager and screamed, “The Google car. It’s the Google car.” Did I get out my camera? No. Did I get a picture? No. I just stood there squawking and flapping my wings like a barnyard chicken. Fortunately, one of the nephews grabbed the camera and ran down the street and snapped a couple of great shots.

5 Responses to “Google Car”

  1. That’s great. Google is in Germany doing the same thing, but there is some controversy. Some folks like it, but there are those that don’t. They can some down my street and shoot the squirrels running around.

  2. Come down not some down.

  3. LOL! I hope they do get a picture of the squirrels. That would be hilarious.

    I’ve heard of the controversy. I can understand it. I cut the license plate off the photo of the Google car because of the problem. Give the little Google car some anonymity while it invades everyone’s privacy.

  4. I love Google Map, I rarely go to the town I was born in, but I can walk the streets via Google Map.

    • After you wrote this, I tried to find the street I lived on before the farm but it wasn’t on Google maps. I was so disappointed. I wanted to visit without wasting the air fare.

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