Litter Bug Be Gone

Great and humorous article HERE about the clean team in my district. No, this is not some shameless self promotion. I don’t belong to the team. I’m on the periphery, picking gak off my street, and talking to the team lead every once in a while about my reluctance to join an actual team – litter, softball, or anything organized. I noticed one thing the reporter didn’t mention was the itty bitty pot bags we find around these parts and put in the garbage bags.


6 Responses to “Litter Bug Be Gone”

  1. Enjoyed the artticle. I know what you mean about joining and organized group. I feel the same way. Germans are great about keeping things clean, well, most are. You see them out sweeping in front of their houses. It seems to be a national past time.

    • I think I would like living in Germany – the quiet time and the OCD cleanliness. The only part I wouldn’t like is I’m a bit of a blab, and I don’t speak German. Who would I talk to? Big concern for me.

  2. Lots of Germans speak some English. The younger folks learn it in school.

  3. I have one litter bug story…

    Once upon a time the school district in Shooter’s World decided there should be a bus stop on the corner by my house. Unfortunately there was no shade on the corner so all the children would gather to catch the bus in my driveway and the grassy area in front of my front yard. On the first day of school the parents and kids walked to the corner, but decided it would be cooler in front of my house. I was watching from the front window as one of the mothers decided to wipe her child’s nose, and when she was done she tossed the tissue in my yard. Another mother brought her three kids and the family dog, the dog promptly took a dump in the grass in front of my house. Then I noticed several of the kids eating and when they were finished the tossed the empty wrappers in my flower bed. Needless to say I called the School office and said: “Get the bus stop away from my house!” The next day the bus stop was moved to the other end of my street. How do children learn not to be litter bugs when their parents set a horrible example? No one adult reprimanded their child for tossing garbage in my yard, I mean really!

    • That is gross! Simply gross. I’m glad but very surprised you got the bus stop moved. Here, they pick the kids up from the middle school at this really dangerous intersection on MacArthur Blvd. rather than going to the school to pick them up. Sometimes there will be 3 school buses up there. I cannot even get the school buses moved back to the school to pick up the kids. They pick them up on a city street. And if a regular person like me is trying to catch a city bus at that time from that stop, the bus will just drive on by rather than get caught in the fray. I have to walk to another bus stop.

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