Amphibious WW 2 Vehicles

We went into the bay on a DUKW, an amphibious WW 2 vehicle, turned tourist vessel. Very cool. I love it when it converts from a land vehicle into a water vessel. This is a view from the seafaring version of the amphibious vehicle. It is an original WW 2 machine, made by women, or so our guide said. I can’t seem to confirm this part of the tour, but it seems about right. Something so ugly and yet so function. Lasting so long for no apparent reason other than to nag land and sea. Both.

6 Responses to “Amphibious WW 2 Vehicles”

  1. That’s not one of those duck boats that are used elsewhere and have a nasty tendency to capsize and/or sink, is it?

  2. WOW! Had not read about that. Yup. That’s the one in the same duck boat. Perhaps I will think twice before boarding another DUKW, but more than likely I won’t remember.

  3. I guess it could be a problem if you ran into a barge, but all in all, I would guess they are pretty safe.

    • I found the pictures on the web. Apparently, the DUKW had engine problems and had stalled. They threw out their anchor and the barge ran over them, killing 2 Hungarian students. Now, I’ve fished the channel before in Kentucky Lake. I’ve had my anchor thrown out but the barge starts blowing its horn way before it runs over ya. I guess the DUKW tried to hail the tug pushing the barge on their radio too and there was no response. Now, some of the tug crew is taking the 5th. Weird.

  4. If it quacks like a DUKW, if it waddles like a DUKW, it must be a boat, or a truck, whatever! šŸ™‚

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