Take Me to Your Leader

This is some new art – okay new to me. I’ve got no idea when the spaceship landed in San Francisco on the waterfront walk. It has landed, though. and will be there for a spell, refueling I suppose. I think the thing runs on Slim Jims from the 7-Eleven.

And one comment about You Tube. I love it, but I find it annoying that a lot of the instructional videos are made by kids. I watched one today on some quirky HTML trick. The teacher was all of 14 years old, and his voice cracked from high to low several times. He diddled with the camera, repeated himself, but knew what the heck he was talking about. My theory has always been that the kids “think” they’re smarter than me. It was a sobering thought when I realized as I watched the video today, not only do they think that, but it’s probably true. Then, I thought, “HA! I can drive and that punk can’t.” Well, that’s not even true. I’m grounded just like he is (but for different reasons) and he’s probably got more energy than I do and can bike 5 miles to the 7-Eleven to refuel on Slim Jims.


4 Responses to “Take Me to Your Leader”

  1. I bet it belongs to Flash Gordon. No, being San Francisco it must be Flesh Gordon. Kids are hip to all the new gadgets, but ask one to add, subtract, or multiply without a calculator, and I bet they can’t do it.

  2. HA! You are right about Flesh Gordon. On this same walk, we saw 3 naked guys out for a stroll on the waterfront. No explanations offered and certainly none asked by me. The tourists were all snapping photos.

    I did laugh about the arithmetic too. At least, I’ve still got the kids beat at that.

  3. You’re right about kids not being able to do simple math, the other day we went to Sonic to get a chocolate malt and a Sonic Blast, when SO paid the $6.25 bill with a $10 bill and a quarter, she just stared at the money in her hand and said “you gave me to much.” She gave SO back the quarter and counted out $3.75. FACE PALM! I bet she can run circles around us with her handheld hailing device.

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