Hell on Wheels

Don’t know the story on this bus. I took the picture because it’s broken down, in tow, and the name of my blog is Crazy 57 Bus. I be crazy with a bus picture. It’s in my blog.

It’s hot as hell here. Yup. I said, “hell.” I was trying to run a PG blog, but yesterday I realized the person(s) I was PGing for flew the coop, so screw it. Expect the F word in a bit. Yesterday, the temp went up to 97 and teetered around there for hours before giving it up and “dipping” into the 80’s overnight. We are expecting more of the same today. Hell. Okay, maybe not east coast hell with all the humidity, but hell because we have no A.C. The big dog panted so much yesterday I thought she was going to hyperventilate.

In other news, Oakland PD you are the best. I know I’m always saying someone or something is the best, but I don’t throw that adjective around lightly. Oakland Police Department really is the best. THE BEST! I can’t go into specifics but the mess involved a crackhead, stalking, etc. Anyway, if these 2 lieutenants, who helped me, ever want to run for chief of police, I am going to lead their campaign because they are life savers. Not sure if the chief of police is an elected position, though, but you get my drift. I took the lieutenants “thank you” notes yesterday and a couple of loaves of cinnamon bread from the store, but I found out they can’t accept food because someone might put something weird in it. Thank you, Oakland PD, for being diligent, resourceful, nice, kind, concerned, proactive, and inventing air conditioning. Maybe not the last one, but all the rest.


9 Responses to “Hell on Wheels”

  1. “Mommy, mommy! What’s that bus doing to that tow truck?!?” 🙂

    Summer finally came. Still better than the midwest, south and east coast with the heat + humidity, by a long shot.

    • “The bus and the truck are making some mini vans, Honey.”

      My temperature gauge was rising until about 45 minutes ago and now it’s down turned. I’m like a cheerleader. “Go. Go. Go,” standing there by it, routing the temp to drop some more.

  2. We hit 111.7° today. I wish I could say it was a hot one, but it’s just the same-o same-o for Arizona. We did get some rain in the evening, but with was accompanied by strong winds, I watched as our trees did the dance of death, lucky for us none of them snapped in half.

    “Crackhead” “stalking” doesn’t sound good, glad the Oakland PD was there to render assistance. When I worked downtown I was never hassled by the drugged out transients, I think it was my “don’t f*ck with me look.” A few of the other girls in the office were groped, flashed, and had their purses stolen, but me I make eye contact and beam my “don’t f*ck with me look,” and most people would back off.

    The last broken vehicle I took a picture of was a Frito-Lay delivery truck, I guess I wanted the driver to walk away so I could grab me a couple bags of cheese doodles. He never left the truck, darn!

    • 111 is mild for Arizona. I was expected you to drop a comment on the blog saying, “Suck it up. We are at 120.”

      I remember you talking about your “don’t f*ck with me look” so I’ve been practicing one in the mirror because I NEED IT. Then, when I show it to The Big Guy he laughs out loud. So, I thought it was just him. I showed it to my friends and they laugh. How much is your “don’t f*ck with me look.” I would like to Paypal you for it.

      Oh. oh. oh. I NEED that picture of the broken down Frito Lay truck. You know how I LOVE broken down truck pictures. And Frito Lay. Fritos.

      • The “don’t f*ck with me look” cannot be purchased, it must evolve. To many beatings, looked down to many gun barrels, and constant mental abuse culminates in the “look.” I’m glad I have it, but the process to acquire it was a b*tch. I think it also helps to be Hispanic, we have a reputation for being short fused. The “look” also stops toddlers from crying, if you can make eye contact and give them the “look” they will immediately stop crying, it comes in handy at the grocery store. :0)

      • I need that look SOOOOO bad. I have a short fuse. I should be able to do something with that…maybe?

  3. Wow, this post has more questions than answers. Glad everything turned out okay. Good on the Oakland PD for whatever they did.

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