Best Inn in Mendocino

I always thought Mendocino was the bastard stepchild of Napa because Napa is cool and was in the Sideways movie, and there are a lot of good restaurants and wineries. Forget all that. Mendocino trumps Napa in spades. Mendocino is funkier, smaller, more real and less chi chi. AND the big plus, it’s cool and near the ocean. Napa is as hot as a firecracker in the summer.

My friend and I took her tiny dog to Mendocino and stayed overnight at the Inn at School House Creek in Little River in Mendocino. I know I’m always calling eats and retreats, The Best, but honestly, this place was The Best. The Inn kind of reminded me of my stay at Deetjens Inn but with rolling meadows, and they really go the extra mile for the canines there. They say, “Dog Friendly” and they mean “Uber Dog Friendly.” When my friend and I checked in we got this hilarious little doggie backpack with a tennis ball and a door hanger that said on one side, “Housekeeping, please don’t disturb. Dog is in residence,” or something. I can’t remember the exact working. But you know if you have a dog and love ’em as much as I do, you always worry about housekeeping coming in and the four legger shooting out the door. Can’t happen. Door hanger provided by the Inn. Such a nice touch.

The other thing I really enjoyed is everyone had dogs there. The Inn gave us dog bowls, and place mats (of course). We had a meadow for the dogs to all meet and greet and romp off leash. WONDERFUL!!!! And there were miniature donkeys in residence, who are very tame and love the dogs. So funny. I found out later they have a blog, which is hilarious.

The Inn also has a yurt which is their spa area. I’ve spent so many hours looking at yurts and quonset huts on the internet, in my dreams of getting off the grid, I was curious what a yurt was actually like. It’s large. I was surprised. It has soothing decor for their massages and facials. I didn’t partake of that but I poked around, looking. They also had something I had read about on the internet – a composting toilet. I was envious and curious. To my surprise no smell at all. At the yurt was a huge hot tub anyone could use also. I saw a Dad and his two kids coming back from the hot tub the next morning, past the meadow, in their flip flops, and Inn bath robs. It’s a very family/dog friendly quiet, soothing, ocean side Inn.

I slept like a rock. We were in the Rose Cottage. It’s a small house with two beds, stove/fireplace, giant bathroom with a jetted tub, ocean view from the front deck and from one of the beds, kitchenette, and coffee maker with coffee and assortment of teas. We also had a jug of spring water for our consumption.

And now the food. To beat Napa you have to get down and dirty about the quality/deliciousness and variety of the food. The Inn has their own restaurant, La Petite Rive. I had the scallops for dinner. YUMMIE! Fantastic. And since they were running a little late, they gave us FREE champagne. You know how I’m all about the free. Their rolls were magnificent, spread with their own rosemary butter. I stuffed myself.

The Inn’s food beat Napa at it’s own game. HA! On our way to the Inn, we stopped the day before in Hopland at a place called The Bluebird Cafe with the smiling moose head. The Bluebird Cafe has the Best BLT. Yup, another best. I consider myself an authority on bacon by my Southern birthright, and their bacon is home grown, sliced and fried by a pro. More Yum! On our way home, we stopped for lunch in the Village of Mendocino at Mendo Burgers. Another best! This time the burgers. Do NOT drive by this place. It is a tad difficult to find, tucked up in the middle of buildings, but this is THE BEST BURGER, and there are a couple of dogs working there. Boots is the older, plumper dog who seems to know more about what’s going on.

2 Responses to “Best Inn in Mendocino”

  1. Sounds like a great getaway. Next time I’m in CA, I’ll have to look it up.

  2. It is great in Mendocino. I hope you do go there. I like it so much. Small town atmosphere.

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